13 Awesome Landing Pages to Steal From

Landing pages come in all shapes, sizes and purposes.

Long form landing pages are great for laying out the details of your unique selling proposition (USP). With increased screen real estate, you can include things like video and social proof. That’s not to say you can’t do the same with shorter form landing pages. In fact, in many cases a shorter landing page, more content placed above the fold is all you need to increase conversions.

As the web designer at Impulse Creative, I design a lot of landing pages. Of the two styles - long and short - the visual designer in me prefers the longer form, but the reasoning is completely self serving. I get to design more with a longer page. Fun transitions, more buttons, different content modules. Stuff like that. However, the user experience designer in me understands that shorter landing pages are better for the visitor, thus ultimately better for improving conversion rates. (Marketers and sales professionals love me!)

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