225 Oh Baby! Parental Leave and a Begg Family Update

December 17, 2019

The Captain is Back

Remington, the CEO and daily leader the team interacts with, took parental leave when Rachel, COO and co-founder of Impulse Creative gave birth to their second child. This was the longest time away Remington was able to take.

Upon his return, almost the entire team also descended upon headquarters for Southbound, our yearly gathering. 

It's been a busy few weeks. In this episode, Remington and Dan unpack what it meant to the owners of the agency to be able to take the needed family time, look at what it's like to grow as a company and as a family and also take a behind the scenes look at where Remington's mindset is as 2019 comes to a close.

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What Happens When Your Team Doesn't "Need You"

On one hand, being able to take a few weeks off for his family was great. Remington says it was terrific knowing that the clients wouldn't feel his absence and the agency would move forward.

On the other hand, there's an internal struggle this CEO and co-founder faced of feeling like, "The team doesn't need me... oh shit!"

Remington's choice to focus on the positive side of not being needed.

"I'm really blessed that I cam back and asked what everyone needed, and the team was good."

Let's Blow It All Up

One downside to Remington's time away, in his own words, is that it gave him time to think. 

When our captain has time to think, we blow up processes and change things. For the better.

So now that he's back in the office and we're all together, it's time to look at what we do well, where we can improve, and make decisions.

"We're doing 80% so amazing. But then looking at that 20% and what we can improve and realizing that could be difference between crazy success and mediocrity... that's where we're at right now." 

Taking care of your team, even in the midst of change, is critical. Remington's advice is to take care of your people and you'll see the rewards in business.

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