3 Ways Bad Customer Reviews Can Crush Your Local SEO And Sales

There it is again. Another notification from Yelp that someone’s left you a review.

At this point, you dread even swiping right to read it. Maybe you’ve been getting some negative feedback about a product you just released. Or your new policy is seeing some resistance from loyal customers.

You’re doing the best you can to smooth their ruffled feathers, but now those two star reviews are showing up when people search your business online.

Do people really read these bad customer reviews? Of course. Do they influence their opinion on your business? You betcha.

In fact, 86% of people hesitate to purchase from a business with poor reviews and a bad online reputation.

Eighty-six percent! Wowzah. That must be why your sales have taken a hit this past month.

Here’s four ways bad customer reviews can negatively affect your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), and likely, your sales as well:

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