6 SEO Tools to Optimize Like a Boss

Anybody who knows even a little about SEO will try to convince that it’s so hard to track. In the break room, they’ll probably shrug and say something like, “Yeah, ya know. SEO is a guessing game.”

When that happens, do us a favor. Politely laugh, and with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, go pound out a brag-worthy SEO report like they’ve never seen.

“No-Go SEO Joe” (wow, say that three times fast) is the kind of person who throws around the blanket term “SEO” as a buzzword. He doesn’t really understand the right KPIs or metrics to measure or even what search engine optimization even means.

You might not be an SEO expert, but you know it’s no guessing game. There are very specific things you can do to optimize and see improvements on search engines.

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