AD Retargeting Services by Impulse Creative

November 21, 2017
95% of the people that see your pay-per-click won’t convert to a lead. Wow, that’s one leaky boat! So start plugging up your campaigns, with ad retargeting.

Imagine being able to follow all of those lost leads around the internet until they DID convert. With ad retargeting, you can, by using the actions of site visitors to trigger your ads anywhere on the internet.

Our team can help you to hyper-target your MOST qualified potential leads with this modern marketing magic. We’ll use your website data and business goals to develop and implement a custom ad retargeting strategy with the entire buyer’s journey in mind.

Then we’ll watch it work in real time, as we test and tweak your approach until we’ve maximized conversions.

Give us a call today and start getting more bang for your pay per click ad buck.

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