Advanced AdWords Tactics to Increase ROI - Let's Make It Rain!

In AdWords, every view, click, or lost click has either a cost or opportunity cost. Fine margins are often the difference between losing money or profitability, and negligence can cost far more than you think.

These advanced tactics can help to turn your AdWords campaign into a professional powerhouse, leveraging settings and features you may not have tried or known about. If the words “correlation”, “standard deviation”, “statistical analysis”, or “A/B testing” are scary, grab some popcorn and buckle in for a wild, well-researched ride.

Don't worry. These advanced techniques may seem hard to start with, but they’re worth the time and effort it will take to learn them. The more you put into these advance techniques, the more you can expect in return. And while setting more things to “automated” or “enhanced” will take the edge of unfamiliarity away, it also will give you less control over what is essentially just a complicated auction system. These tips are for using in search campaigns only.

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