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Marketing without a brand guide can be disastrous.

We all want the polished branding of big companies, but most small and medium-sized businesses haven’t done their homework. Our webinar will walk you through your brand creation from start to finish, or allow you to simply review and fill in the blanks of your current brand strategy.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Guidelines
  • Editorial Style Guide
  • Brand Marketing Strategy

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Danielle Rhodes

Content Marketer, Impulse Creative

Danielle is Team Impulse’s resident writer, editor and grammar nerd. Although she helps to guide the brand voice and content of clients remotely from North Carolina, Danielle is originally a snarky New Englander and UMASS grad. As part of Impulse Creative, Danielle loves the extreme creative freedom she has to be fun and original, while helping clients to polish their brands and be heard.

Jeffrey Lewis

Graphic Designer, Impulse Creative

Jeffrey is our logo-lovin’ Graphic Designer and resident west-coaster from sunny Ventura, California. When he’s not leading design and branding projects for Team Impulse, this Cal State grad is hanging out with his four adorable kids, hand lettering, reading design books, playing disc golf and making paper airplanes.

Ryan VanDenabeele

Inbound Marketer, Impulse Creative

The Inbound Marketer. The point. The legend. He may be the beachy booze connoisseur of, but clients know Ryan for his creative campaign genius and expert management of their marketing. Although it’s hard to imagine this salty sailor anywhere but the beach, he’s actually from landlocked Kansas. In his role at Impulse Creative, Ryan loves the ability to build campaigns that change the tides of leads and profits for our clients.

Remington Begg

Chief Remarkable Officer

Remington is at helm of our ship, keeping the whole crew on course. He’s proud to have hand-picked every member of our team, and stockpiling as much industry talent as we can squeeze onboard. Always a big of a showman, our fearless leader lives for that “lightbulb moment” when clients suddenly see the big picture of a complete marketing strategy.