Digital Marketing vs Social Media what's the difference

Digital takes the cake in the modern marketing world and social media is an important slice. But, they’re not entirely the same thing.

Digital marketing is a cool Generation X who knows the ropes of the internet and how to market your company in classic world wide web fashion. Social media is a more casual millennial, the product of the Gen Xer’s, who bucks against anything traditional and stays connected to the world 24-7.

You need both to spread your message effectively.

Let’s see how understanding ways the two intersect, and stand apart, benefit your business.

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Bria Johns November 12, 2019 02:46 AM Delete

Thanks a lot for clarifying the difference between social and digital marketing through this video. My mates at Maxbounty will be pleased when they watch this video, so I'll share this with them right now.

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