Drift Chat Conversations Now Show HubSpot Contact Record!

New Feature: Hubspot Contact Details and link to contact record are now showing in the Drift sidebar


Today we're gonna talk about a new feature that drift just came out with about making it so that hubspot contact details and a link to the hubspot record now shows up in the sidebar of drift.

With all the different options for your tech stack. Your can have conversational marketing with drift. You can have marketing automation and crm and Hubspot, and of course you can have all these other tools that can integrate. What drift has done is made it so that you get a window into the hubspot record and a quick link in order to jump over to their record. If you want to expand upon the information that is available in drift very easily with just a click or two. So what you see here is I'm open in my contact record within the drift portal, so I have an engaged conversation with a contact who is also exists within hubspot. Now this will happen if a, if the contact is cookied from an outgoing email from hubspot where that information is sanct with drift, or if you create someone and the email address matches bullets.

You'll notice here if you have hubspot integrated right off to the right here, you're going to see that there's that option to have the hubspot detail show. Now, currently it's not editable to see which fields show up in the hubspot integration, but what it does do is it brings over the hubspot crm contact owner. The lifecycle stage of that contact and of course can show the lead status and also the hubspot score. So this information coming through can help with your other marketing initiatives. Now, one of the coolest parts is you got this view and hubspot option which will open a new tab and bring you right into the contact record of the individual so that you can get all the information necessary that you would need. If you need to get more information or follow up on a support ticket or anything like that from within the hubspot.

So that's it. Short and simple today, but check out if you have hubspot and drift integrated, how you can start leveraging more from your drift and hubspot integration.