Drift Chat + HubSpot Integration Upgrade 2018

As we dig into the tool, one of the things that is pretty apparent is that there is a added benefit to different applications working with each other, HubSpot and Drift or no different. You've got all the marketing automation and website and just your crm being backed in HubSpot and then you've got all the conversational powerhouse from Drift. Now, while both of these tools have some overlap in their features, one of the cool things is you can have different parts of your organization in different tools and now the information flows much more freely. This tutorial is assuming that you've already set up your HubSpot connector, but if not, we're going to show you how to how to get there. So what you're going to do is you are going to go to the gear icon here in settings. You're going to scroll down and click apps, and then as you scroll down on the list, you'll find HubSpot.

Now in this instance, HubSpot is already connected. Go ahead and click that and we've got some features here. One of the features that we're going to focus on today is the data that's actually mapped via the attributes, so when we click into the attributes, if you've already done this integration before, you'll find that there's a new feature. This allow override feature is probably one of the most important things with this new upgrade. What this allows for you to do is this allows for you to be the decision maker in regards to whether Drift overwrites HubSpot as far as the information that's coming in from the tool. So as we scroll down, you'll see I've got a variety of fields that are sinking over to HubSpot. You don't have to have all of them and of course you can add as many as you'd like here.

So essentially the you're going to allow the previously synced records to be overwritten by newer values in order to keep HubSpot up to date. Historically, it just brought over that information one time and so that could be problematic if people came through and reengaged on certain areas where fields were updated. So you'll see that we have, for instance, a project description and a playbook and the project description obviously is going to change each time they come through. Maybe they come to us for website design one day and then they come to us for conversational marketing help another day though. That information we would want to have updated within the tool. So this allow overwrite field is a absolutely fantastic tool to be able to figure out and have more control over the integration. The other thing that you can do just to keep track of everything is you have this HubSpot event log so you can go into the HubSpot log and actually see the last items that have been synced.

It can be pretty powerful and then of course you've got the option to choose which information is synced over into HubSpot. The Drift to HubSpot sync obviously is going to be going this way and the HubSpot into Drift is going to be coming across over here. So the HubSpot to Drift side is going to make it. So if anyone receives an email from HubSpot or is cookied by HubSpot system that that contact information is going to be ported into Drift so you know who you're talking to without having to ask them for their name and email address. It can be a pretty powerful tool, especially for setting context. So that's it for today's tutorial. If you're interested in more videos like this, we have a 30 day conversational marketing masterclass that would be perfect for you. You can head on over to impulse creative.com/cm masterclass. For more information, if you'd like to see other tutorials we've done, you can go ahead and you can do that right here, and if you'd like to subscribe to our tutorials, you can go ahead and you can do that right here.

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