Drift Chat Tutorial: How to Set Contact Attributes or Fields in a Drift Playbook with Actions

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Today we're going to talk about how does that contact attributes and a drift playbook. Now, I'm not just talking about setting a contact attribute. When someone answers a question, what I'm talking about is setting attributes based on the route that someone takes in the playbook and we're going to show you how to do that with actions.
In a lot of cases, you're going to have scenarios where you're going to want to set certain criteria beyond just a question that's happening in drift. Now, one of the cool things about drift is they've added these, the ability to have actions that you can set based on the individual answers to someone gives within a chat playbook, so whether you have a key word or a button or you know, a general response. If that routes somewhere, you're able to set a contact attribute amongst other things. What you see here is we have a default drift playbook set up that we just triggered and as we scroll down, what I've done is I've added a final question right after the email capture that has one last thing. Would you like to subscribe to our blog? Right, and we've got just button responses that says yes, please subscribe me.
No thanks, don't right, and now what we have with these, both of these, we'll go through to lead by qualified because they went through and answered all the other questions, but what we want to do is we want to set something based on the yes or the no now saying yes please, and that being saved into a, you know, into a field may work, but it might not work for your automation program to be able to put them into a segment. So what we. What you can do is you can hover over these routes and you'll see that there's both of them here. What we want to do is you want to hover over the yes, please option and click the plus icon. When you click the plus icon, you're going to see a sidebar pop out that says, add action. Now there's a bunch of actions that you can do and we'll go into more of those and other tutorials, but applying the contact attribute is this magic right here.
When we click the apply contact attribute, what you'll see is you'll see the ability to choose your attribute. So in this case what we're going to do is we're going to type the word subscribe and we are going to say yes. So in here we've applied the contact attribute. We've dropped in the value of yes, and it's for the blog subscribe. So what we're gonna do here is anyone that clicks, yes please. Before being routed to the lead, bought a goal. You are going to have this attribute set within the contact. This can be great for further segmentation down the road. It could be great for obviously setting up someone for a blog subscription or it can be great for you capturing information so that you understand how far through someone went at a high level. If you're looking at a large list. So let me know how you're using this and because there the opportunities really are endless with this tool.
So once you do that, then you go ahead and close out the drawer and if you hover over, the number one that you see here is going to show you that one action is happening. It's setting the contact property to yes for blog subscribe. So that's it for today's tutorial. If you have any other questions about conversational marketing or drift, please feel free to hit me up in the comments or shoot me a note on twitter at Remington Beg. If you'd like to see other tutorials we've done, you can go ahead and you can do that right here. And if you would like to subscribe to our daily tutorial videos, you can go ahead and do that right here. Until next time, I'm Remington from Impulse Creative. Have a great day.