Drift Chat Tutorial: How to Setup a Post Sales Sequence Drift Playbook

*** Video Transcription ****

What's up everybody? Remington from impulse, creative, and today we're going to talk about drift sales sequences for your email, but also how to make a welcome message pop up that's contextual based on the receiving of that email. Now, one of the things I love about drift is the fact that when you send a sales sequence email and then click on any of those links and they go to your website drift is going to identify that user based on based on their contact information and it's going to capture their cookie data. So there are two reasons. This is great. One you can see in the timeline, the pages they're on where they're going, but two, you're able to trigger bots based on their interactions from that email and that can be really, really compelling if you're. Especially if you're doing abm efforts where you're trying to do some some colder outreach or reconnect with some past clients.

If they start to engage in your email, but they don't reply, but they click on a link that goes to your site. You'll be able to pop up a notification that lets you start the conversation. So what I'm going to show you today is we're going to jump in and we're just going to set one of these up and then you can take it from there. So when you jumped into creating a new playbook, you're going to go to the playbooks, a page, and then you're gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom. And we're going to choose under the pop up play overs, you're going to choose email referred. Welcome message. It's going to allow for us to see our default welcome message, but you'll notice that it's got some personalization in here. And this is what can get really fun. So when we're in this message, you can customize these much further and I'll show you how in a minute.

But when you have your welcome message, you'll see that we're calling them by their first name. And then of course there is. The alternative would be, hey there. So if we don't have the first name and drift, it's going to say, hey, there you get. You're getting this message because I see that I sent you an email. So this allows for you to continue the context, especially if you hyperfocus these down to specific email campaigns or specific segments. Now you can have much more engaged in conversations. So you'll see we've got the welcome message here and we've got some. We've got some notes. It's going to send this from the teammate who sent the track email so you can make it so it's not. You don't have to set one of these up for each person and you can of course, you need to make sure that the individual teammates have the drift chrome extension installed.

So the the overall goal for this is we want to make sure an outbound conversation starts right, so we send out this email and then someone clicks on the site. We want this welcome message to kind of reinforce the messaging that we had in our email. And of course you can set up your conditions. Now the conditions are default in here for you to be able to kind of see what's going on. But if you know that you're going to have some outbound conversations that are sending people to a specific page, this is where it can really fun. So we can say that we only want this welcome message to pop up from an outbound conversation that links to our pricing page, right? So by adding in multiple levels of your, you know, your criteria, you can really hone in this conversation and make it one on one.

Now you don't have to do that out of the gate, but it can allow for you to make sure that you've got, you've got hyper, hyper contextualized feedback for these outbound conversations depending on the campaigns they're running. So in this instance, we would say we want the url path to include the pricing page for this example, and by including the pricing page that sort of make it so that when we, when we close this down, the outbound session is true and the url path includes pricing. So you can have a different one of these for your homepage. You can have a different one of these for your blog pages, you know, depending on where you're sending people from your resources and be very engaging. It can be a great way to get the conversation started without it having to be a phone call or an email. Um, and you know, I think you'll be surprised with the results. So that's it for today's tutorial. If you have any other questions about conversational marketing or drift, hit me up on twitter or let me know in the comments below. If you'd like to see other tutorials we've done, you can go ahead and you can do that right here. And if you'd like to subscribe to our daily tutorial videos, you can go ahead and you can do that right here. Until next time, I'm remington from impulse grade. If have a great day.