Drift Chat Tutorial: How to Update a Chat Prospects Name if the Drift Chatbot Gets It Wrong

July 10, 2018
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Today we're going to talk about what happens if your chat bot gets the person's name wrong.

Now, this could happen with a lot of scenarios. One of the biggest scenarios is, is that the chat Bot goes through and begins to ask a question and it is question is what's your name? And when it asks that question, the prospect gives their name and gives their problem. So what can happen as far as the system is concerned is suddenly now you have a system that thinks that someone's name is an entire sentence. Um, and it's really not smart enough at this point to really break that up. We're furthermore, where the issue can start to happen is if you have automation that is set up around this chat bot sequence, you can suddenly start to get stuck because what that means is any automation that happens that references the person's name or the chat referencing the person's name or even a live chat representative, not knowing the person's name can be problematic.

And so we want to do is want to make it really easy for you to be able to edit and update this in a live conversation. So when we jumped over into the conversation on a in a drift tool, what's you'll notice by default, you're going to see, here's an example of someone who responded to our chat, you'll see it says, let's get things started off the right foot. What is your name? And they respond with high. So the system identifies that they are high as their individual name. And now we're set up for failure, right? Because this chat bot now thinks their name is high. Whenever it says, you know, awesome, great to meet you or anything like that. Now it's going to be referencing high as their name. And it can cause it can cause a problem. So you can see right here it says, hi. Hi. Do you work for an agency? So if we start looking into how to fix that. Now from a playbook perspective, there might be some adjustments you need. But from a live chat perspective, if we want to engage, we have absolutely no idea who this person's name is and once we find it out, we want to make sure we can update the information.
Now you'll notice off to the right, we've got all these different options here, but name is not front and center and doesn't really tie in. What we want to be able to do is click in here and update that information right away and that can get a little problematic. So how do we fix that is you can click the person's name and this is going to be a way for you to change the default setting across the board for the contact.
So as we scroll down, you'll see that there is an option for view all attributes. When you click that, you'll see the person right here has their name and the name is high. So what do we want to do? Obviously for the one on one perspective, we want to fix this person's name, but we also want to make it so that you have access to be able to edit this in the future. And you'll notice that we've got this, this checkbox right here, and if we go ahead and click that checkbox and we click save, what's going to happen is if we close out of this window and we're going to go ahead and go back to that conversation. Now, you'll notice that that conversation is available off to the right here and you can go ahead and you can click high, we can click edit and we can update this to the new name and upon saving that, that would make it so that this individual's name is now a new name.

And of course you can also go in and remove the information if you don't know the prospect's name. So this makes it so it's a lot easier for you to update information as you're going through a live chat, as a live chat operator. But it also makes it easy for you to see certain information that's important, um, like the person's name. So if you see these inform this information and you want to fix it, you have the choice to go over to the actual context tab and update the information. Or You could set the defaults like I just showed you, and you'll be set up for success when you're in the live chat dialogue.