Drift Chat Tutorial: Upgrade your Drift Chat Playbooks with Actions

July 11, 2018
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Today we're going to talk about how to upgrade your playbooks so that you can start leveraging goals throughout the entire chat experience.
A lot of times what happens is you have these different playbooks that are running different things all for some intended outcome except now we're getting to the point where you can start to branch quite effectively in drift and what we're trying to accomplish in a lot of cases is qualifying or disqualifying, but maybe you don't want to send them straight through to a goal. You want to create actions throughout the entire journey, so drift has done is they've created a feature called actions where you can now mark someone as a chat qualified lead or give them a lead stage throughout the entire chat journey. So you could use this in a couple of different ways, but one of the biggest ones is if you're driving someone through and you're asking a question and they are becoming more qualified, maybe you start with a a low chat qualified lead and then you end with that with a large chat qualified lead.
It really depends on what you are looking to accomplish within your body, but I'm going to show you how you can do this and then you can see all the different ways you could use it yourself. So when we jump into your drift account, I have a new playbook here, so this new playbook has a, you know the default questions and answers and you'll notice that we've got lead bought, qualified and bad lead off to the right here, but what you now have the option to do. If you hover over these lines, you can see that there's that little plus icon that happens when we click on that plus icon. A drawer opens up and basically it creates an action rule based off of the item off of the actual other button option here in this case and allows for you to market as a chat qualified lead or you could have.
You could disqualify it and then also set the lead stage so you no longer are going to have to do this at the end of the playbook and actually setting this up in the goal. Now you can do it throughout the journey, so what you can do as you just hit the plus icon and then you see the lead stage you can go through and any of your lead stages that you have for your goals, you can select from here. And of course you could type a new one in here and you could create a new lead stage. This can be really great free in engaging this chat into an api where the conversation happens once they reach a goal, um, you know, and there can also be really great ways for you to automate things in the future. The other thing is doing the chat qualified, so maybe through a couple of questions they start looking really great.
You can turn on the levels of the conversation qualified lead, but then maybe, um, if they answer further questions down here, we want to make it so that if they answer this question negatively than they're not a qualified lead. You know, it really depends on how you want to structure it. You also see there's a little tool tip here with the number two, and if you hover over it, they've got the pop up kind of showing you the criteria of what would need to be going on so it can be a very, very effective way of creating the experience that you're looking for and allow for you to segment people in the future even if they didn't actually convert on your chat bot sequence, so if they, if they didn't convert in chat bot sequence, but you still got enough information from them to start qualifying them or moving them in a certain direction, you can now create segments in the future with that as well. So that's it for today's tutorial. If you have any questions about conversational marketing or drift, please feel free to reach out to me in the comments. If you'd like to see other tutorials we've done, you can go ahead and you can do that right here. And if you would like to subscribe to our daily tutorials, you could go ahead and do that right here. Until next time, I'm remington from impulse creative.

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