Drift Tutorial: Setting up Drift Chat to trigger based on utm parameter

I'm excited today to talk to you about a drift tutorial on how to set a targeted message based on a utm parameter that you would use in Google Pay Per click, or even from a hubspot tracking url.
So first step is you're going to want to build out your playbook in drift, and with that playbook, I've got one pointed out here that you can start from and we can dig in just a second. So what you're gonna do is you're going to go into the playbook sections in Drift. Once you get to the playbook section in Drift, you're going to create the playbook that is "Drive traffic with a targeted message on your homepage".
When you click create playbook, it'll take just a second. It's going to build out all of this awesomeness where you're gonna have your message. It's going to allow for you to show what the overall goal is and it's going to allow for you to adjust the targeting.
So when we get into the playbook, you'll see you've got your announcement. The announcement is broken up with the trigger that is going to pop out and show people and then of course the follow-up message and you can have a lot of fun with this. You can use emojis, you can put in Giphys, you can do a lot of things to engage the user, take the next step.
A lot of times pop up messages and kind of get a bad rap and it's because someone puts out a blanket message to all people that are visiting the site. The whole point of this tutorial is to make it hyper, hyper contextually based on the individual utm parameters that you have set.
So what we're doing for this tutorial is doing it based off of a tracking url, we use Hubspot here at Impulse Creative. So we'll pull this up and you'll see you can either create a new tracking url or you've used an existing one. If you know you're going to be doing certain campaigns. What I've done is I've copied the text from the full tracking url here and I pull it up in notepad, so you'll notice that this is one of our blog posts about conversational marketing. You'll see a utm parameter. You have the UTM source, you have the medium, and you also have the term right. So this particular item was for Mastering Hubspot podcasts that I was just on talking about conversational marketing. So what we want to do is we want to hyper target a message to anyone that has the utm term mastering hubspot.
And of course you go a little bit more broad even with utm campaign, even the source. It's really up to you. So for the sake of this tutorial, we're going to go ahead and copy the utm term and then we're going to go back over to Drift. And we're going to click on the display conditions. So right now the display conditions for this is that the url path is the homepage. We want to go ahead and erase that and we're going to want to add another condition. When you are in the condition here, you'll notice that there are some different parameters. We do want to do the one on the url and if by going through and clicking the drop down, you'll see you have a variety of options. The options are broken down here, what we want to do is basically do it based off of the url query parameter, so if we go ahead and click that option and essentially what we can do is we want to set this to includes, and this is where you would paste in the utm parameter that we just brought in and make sure that it has the utm term equals and exactly what shows up in the url.
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