Email list/ Database Management services by impulse creative

It seems so simple. You get a list of contacts or leads, and you start contacting them with your marketing message. Right? … Wrong!

Contact databases decay faster than jack o'lanterns in November.

So when you start emailing a list that hasn’t been updated in awhile, you risk being labeled as a spammer, getting penalized by internet service providers, or even getting blacklisted by internet service providers.

Protect your digital rep by playing it safe with database management. We’ll help you to ensure all of your list information is accurate BEFORE it’s added to your existing lists or contact management system.

Then, we’ll help you to make every marketing effort more effective by segmenting those contacts by demographics and attributes that will help you to customize and maximize your message.

Finally, we’ll test your newly segmented lists with a series of emails to gauge their engagement and ensure the highest accuracy.

Whether you’re making, merging or dusting off a list, give us a call today for help checking it twice.