Getting Started With The HubSpot Sales Hub Free CRM

In this Sprocket Talk video, we show you how to signup and get started with the HubSpot Sales Hub Free CRM.

We go over how to install the Wordpress plugin, how to add and delete contacts, how to add deal stages to your pipelines and much more.

Get ready to enter the world of lead data, lead intelligence, and a smarter way to handle your prospects, leads, and customers.

What you will learn:

Get HubSpot CRM Account

HubSpot Welcome Screen

Installing HubSpot Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress HubSpot Settings & Forms

Testing Your Site For HubSpot Tracking Code

What Is HubSpot Slideshow

Importance of HubSpot Education

How to Delete HubSpot Contacts

How to create a HubSpot Contact

HubSpot Contact Record Tour

The HubSpot Dashboard

Connect Your Inbox to HubSpot

Filtering HubSpot Contacts

Creating a HubSpot Deal

HubSpot Sales Settings

HubSpot Navigational Overview

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