How to Add a New User to your Drift Account - Drift Chat Tutorial

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Today I'm going to show you how to add a new user to your drift account.

Alright, so once you've logged into your drift account, the first thing you're going to do is go to settings. Then you're going to click team settings, and then you're going to go ahead and click users. Once you get to users, you'll be able to go over to this green button in the top right that says invite users. Now, the only way that this will work is if you are an admin or an account owner, and so when you click invite users, it will allow for you to start typing in the email addresses from your team. Now, you can also invite people that are connected to slack if they're connected, and all you have to do is type in the email address like this and notice that you get a red dialogue if an email address already exists in the system. So you need to make sure that it's unique.

So we set the email in this example. And once you do that, you'll see the email address at the bottom, you can click the add button and you can click next.
So once the invite has been sent, now what you can go through and do is set the user levels so you can set a user so that they can only access certain conversations and their own settings, and they can only see the playbooks and certain contacts, or you can set to full admin. If you're working with an agency or you're working with other people who are going to be building playbooks, you're going to want to set them to the admin level. Once you've done that, you can go ahead and click the invite, one person bubble, and you will see that the invitation has been sent. You'll get a green dialogue that is going to show you exactly what just happened.

If you want to go in and manage the users, just click view user table and you should see the users all listed out in your tool and you'll notice that there's a recent invite button. If the person has not acknowledged and set up their account, this recent invite button will be there waiting for them.

This will be a great way for you to know whether you have to follow up with that individual to get everything hooked up correctly.