How to Create a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

So before we dive into how to create a strong video marketing strategy, let’s first quickly go over what video marketing is:

Video marketing is what business use to promote or advertise their brands, services and products. So what are the key things you need to execute a strong video for marketing? Let’s go over some examples, shall we?!

To me, the most important content to have in your video is the message. What is it you’re trying to get across to people? Why are you pushing for it, how are you going to execute it in the video and most importantly why should anyone care?! You can not expect to achieve views on your video if the message is not clear or is just lacking heart. Time and time again, I’ve witnessed videos that just dragged on for a good 5 minutes without a clear message or even worse, clearly explaining what their product was!

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