How To Get More Youtube Subscriptions Likes And Views

April 08, 2018
Greetings viewers,

Noel here from impulse creative coming to you with some useful tips on how to get more likes, subscribers, and views for your youtube videos and pages. Great thing about YouTube is that you can have a page for just about anything! For business, how to pages, reviews and probably the most popular out there right now, gaming!

Alright so you have your camera, microphone is hot, killer smile killing it, page is up and pretty, you are all gun-ho making some kick-ass content. A lot of YouTubers make the mistake of trying to be a jack of all trades, trying to showcase multiple subjects that is sometimes irrelevant to what their page stands for. If i sub to a page that’s heavy on movie reviews then i won’t give two shits about your funny cat moments video. Stop, don’t be all over the place, it gets messy, stick to a theme and play to your strengths, people like to rely on a page to get a specific thing and if you’re all over the place that will most likely turn them off faster than a fat guy served vegetables.

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