How to Permanently Close a chat bot Playbook - Drift Chat Tutorial

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Remington from impulse, creative, and today we're going to talk about shutting down the conversation and want to be in by shutting down the conversation is when you're done with a a drift playbook flow and you don't want the prospect to be able to reopen that chat in order to continue a conversation.
So when you are going through a Bot flow, you're going to have very well defined different routes that people can go through. Now, in most cases when we're talking about qualifying a lead or driving someone to a meeting, it's totally going to be okay to leave a playbook open so that a prospect can continue the conversation because in a lot of cases, if done right, a live rep would be continuing the conversation, wants to bought, hands it off, but there aren't going to be some scenarios where you don't want that functionality to happen. And what we do at impulse, creative a lot is we'll use bots to actually drive almost like landing page conversions where we're offering up an ebook or a white paper or a link to a video or signing people up for an email sequence. In a lot of those cases, we don't want that conversation to be able to be continued.
We'd prefer that someone opens up a brand new one. So what I'm going to do today is show you where you can enable this setting within your drift playbooks to completely shut down the conversation. So just before you dig in, just make sure you're keeping in mind what the overall intent of that playbook is and try to figure out how you can decipher where people should go or would go, and then take it from there. So as we're in a drift playbook, you can get into that drift playbook by coming over to the playbook section and choosing your playbook. You'll see the conversation that happens here. Now as you scroll all the way down towards the bottom, you're going to be able to see the end of flow. So Jeff has done a great job of making this a little bit more apparent. It used to just be like, like the where the road just ended.
Now they're giving us a little bit more of a conversation in regards to what is happening. So what you can do is click here in end of Bot flow and you've got three options. You've got, keep the conversation open, you've got auto close the conversation, but allow visitors to chat back in and they have permanently closed the conversation. Don't allow site visitors to chat back into the chat now. It doesn't mean that they're not gonna. Be able to chat with drift just means that they're not gonna. Be able to chat and continue the conversation in this actual message flow. So in this example, this is a landing page bought that we've created for our headline swipe file. There's over 300 ideas that you can go into and I'll leave a link in the comments if you're interested, but when you come down to this, we're just going to go ahead and choose permanently closed the conversation.
Don't allow visitors to check back in. You've got an opportunity, be able to let the prospects have a final message here, and that could be driving them to another page to additional resources, you know, and it'll, in some cases you may not need it at all. It really depends on what your goal is in the rest of your playbook. So you can go ahead and press save and now you'll see that it'll say permanently closed. The conversation and conversations that reached this point will be automatically closed, so it will take it out of your conversations. Pain and site visitors cannot reopen from there. Just go ahead and press save playbook and then you'll be off to the races. Now, as I said before, you know there's going to be areas and times that you would use this and then there's going to be times that you wouldn't, but it's going to help you keep a cleaner flow of everything going on in your body and you'll be able to close those conversations and then make it so that you can drive people to the next steps.
So some extra things to think about. Some bonuses here is as you close this conversation and as someone goes through the entire flow, maybe you set up additional triggering to to show up once they've done that, to take them to the next stage in the funnel, there's a lot of options that you can do.