How to Route Drift Chat Playbooks to Drift Inboxes: Drift Chat Tutorial

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What's up everybody? Remington from impulse, creative, and today we're going to talk about how to route your drift chat. Chat Bot flows into specific inboxes within drift. Now I did a previous video, which you can see right here about doing it through the drift Api, but drift has opened this up as a function and it's not easy to find. So let's get into this.

So as we get into the playbooks, there's various reasons why you'd want to jump in and set up certain inboxes for different types of things. It could be as simple as sales support, you know, and marketing type functions. It could be just organizing your conversations for different people within your organization. It really just depends on how you have your business structured. But inboxes can be very easy to separate different conversations and depending on any type of email automation or things you have going on, you've got the ability to use these inboxes to really get some great organization going. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to dig in and show you in this quick tutorial how to route those conversations to a specific inbox. And then we'll go from there. So as you are in a specific conversation flow, this is our chat bot template flow, which you can get a link to this in the description below.

What you have is you can go through and you've got all of your questions, you've got obviously your targeting, which you can set up, and then a lot of times people don't press this review area. When you click this review area, a new feature here is the target Inbox, and so once you can do in this target inbox is you can click that inbox and you can choose between the different inboxes that are available. Now in this tutorial, I've got one right here. You can go ahead and see how to set up an inbox, but by choosing a specific inbox, now what you're going to do is you're going to be able to just click save and that's going to route the conversation to the specific inbox within your conversations tool.

So that's it for today's tutorial. If you're interested in more videos like this, we have a 30 day conversational marketing masterclass. It would be perfect for you. You can head on over to for more information