How to Track Conversions in Google Adwords

Your Google AdWords campaign might be performing well, with high click-through rate, low cost-per-click or any of the other metrics like Average Position, Impression Share or Impressions. But this doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t measuring your return on investment (ROI) through conversion tracking— and don't worry, in most cases, it's not complicated at all.

Conversion tracking is the best way to tell if the traffic your AdWords campaign or ad groups are generating quality traffic that converts and increasing leads, sales, downloads, subscriptions, etc. Without conversion tracking, you cant see how many of those clicks result in real action, or if there are any ad groups which are not up to speed and should be optimized.

In this blog, let’s assume you have already set up your account and you are happy with the performance, but here are a few tips to make sure you have the big things covered. You will also need a landing page to track conversions, so read this make sure your landing page is optimized as well.

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