Impulse Creative Email Marketing

December 06, 2017
When most people think about email marketing, they picture a digital dinosaur that’s just about extinct. Or worse, they think of all the spam clogging their inboxes.

The reality is, email marketing is still dominating the marketing food chain as one of the absolute best ways to nurture leads. Except now, it takes cutting-edge strategy and tools to make email campaigns successful.

Our team can help make email marketing successful for your brand, with the personalization and frequency it takes to increase open rates, click throughs and conversions.

First, we’ll make sure your contact lists are healthy and segmented into buyer personas for the most specific messaging possible. Then we’ll use tools and expertise to research the habits of your real buyers and hone in on the best days and times to reach them.

Next, you’ll need an email marketing platform with the right features for your goals. Now we can begin drafting your email campaign with custom messages, graphics and the development work you need to convert leads. Finally, we’ll launch, test and tweak your campaign until it’s driving the results that boost your bottom line.

Give us a call today and start making email marketing work for YOU.

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