Impulse Creative On Lead Generation

December 20, 2017
Every business is eager to find, buy and generate leads. But that can be a HUGE waste of time and resources if those leads aren’t qualified.

Only qualified leads really make a difference to your bottom line and they come in two types: marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. Both are generated by using content to generate web traffic and landing pages to convert visitors. The big difference, is that sales qualified leads have converted more than once and are closer to making a purchase.

It’s important to nurture both types of leads with different types of strategic marketing campaigns that push them further along the buyer’s journey.

The Impulse Creative team can identify and target the right types of leads for your business. Then, we’ll help you to attract and nurture them into sales with strategic content, email campaigns, social media and advertising.

Don’t just focus on getting more leads, focus on the ones that matter.

Give us a call today to start making profitable leads a priority.