Impulse Creative SEO

December 05, 2017 Impulse Creative, Video Marketing
If your business has an online presence, SEO is something you can’t ignore. It’s a critical piece of any marketing strategy for getting more exposure, more traffic and more leads.
There’s just one little problem: SEO is kind of complicated, and you absolutely shouldn’t try without experience.

Like many marketing tools, SEO changes everyday and has to be constantly monitored and adjusted to be effective. It’s called creating an agile SEO strategy and when done right, it’s a huge competitive advantage.

We help clients execute realistic SEO goals by using the right keywords to target the right people, through relevant, original content. Our team uses a combination of both on and off page SEO techniques to improve your rankings for the words that matter.

A big part of what makes our service different is that we leverage your buyer personas and every stage of their purchasing journey, to target the right keywords for your business.

This process is a little different for every client, depending on what you need, but you can generally expect to start with an audit of your existing search terms. Then, we’ll incorporate on-page, off-page and technical SEO to create an ongoing strategy for your search engine ranking success.

SEO doesn’t have to be mysterious and we strongly urge you against working with anyone that makes it seem that way. Our team will make sure you understand all of your SEO work, as we test, tweak and perfect your rankings until you’re getting the results you want.

Ready for your brand to start getting noticed by search engines? Give us a call.