Instagram Posting & Scheduling Using 3rd Party Magic

Think Christmas morning: you see all the presents under the tree and the anticipation is unbearable. The big moment finally comes and the shiny must-have gift isn’t there. It’s a soul-crushing sadness but you do your best to move on and love what you did get.

For us good-looking marketers (yes, all of us are attractive), third-party Instagram scheduling and posting was that must-have gift. Every year, there were rumors. Sometimes the whispers grew louder around a special keynote speech by Instagram/Facebook. But time after time, the ability to use a service like HubSpot, Buffer or HootSuite to schedule posts to Instagram, came without a mention.

Sure, a few applications tried to sell their ability to schedule posts for Instagram, but it was a poor excuse that behaved like a notification gimmick that simply reminded you to post to Instagram at a certain time. No thanks.

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