Mastering YouTube’s Algorithm: How the Search Engine Determines Ranking

At the foundation of all things ranking lies a very basic concept: no matter how much you push or promote shitty content, nobody is going to watch it. And if nobody interacts with your video, it is not going to rank.

In YouTube’s “Get Discovered” Academy course, the creators of the world’s third largest search engine share, “Instead of worrying about what the (YouTube) algorithm 'likes,’ it's better to focus on what your audience likes instead.”

You need quality, share-worthy content that gets watchers jazzed to even start the ranking conversation— so take a hard look at your script and be honest with yourself.

If your content is pretty mundane, read this first: How to Make Bomb-ass Video Content.

Seriously, don’t waste your time trying to rank a video that’s just not worth watching.

Here are some ways YouTube’s algorithm weighs your videos:

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