Pay Per Click Advertising by Impulse Creative

November 19, 2017
Traditional advertising is like casting a wide net into an even bigger ocean. Odds are, you’re going to catch some fish you don’t want. Or worse, end up with nothing at all.

There’s a better way.

Precisely target your ideal customers, from marital status to net worth, to recent purchases and even their favorite movies. That’s the hypertargeting you can achieve with pay per click advertising.

It’s extremely powerful to advertise to the exact target market you want, on Facebook, Google or Bing. However, it takes some serious strategy and know home to make pay per click campaigns successful.

Our team knows when pay per click advertising is a good option, and when it’s not. We can help create and manage your pay per click advertising campaigns so that they achieve your business goals. We understand continuously test, tweak, and analyze the pay per data to achieve the results you want.

We work in two ways to achieve distinctly different results: Awareness-based pay per click, which targets people with specific interests and demographics. And Intent-based pay per click, which puts your brand in front of consumers already looking to purchase what you sell.

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