Ready for Your Closeup? Why Video has Clients and Agencies Poised for Success

Facetime shouldn't just be to see your brothers baby or moms new sofa. Our clients want and are paying to see the progress and strategy of their marketing efforts too! At Impulse Creative we are a video-first agency. This means that ALL, yes ALL of our meetings, internal, or with clients are on video. Why? BECAUSE video conferencing breaks the communion barriers of the universe, and I will tell you how.

Video Connects Us
Video conferencing brings a human element into our communication. Not only is Audrey your project manager, Audrey with the huge smile and super blonde hair (who also rocks an awesome braid) is your project manager. You may relate to her, or have a cousin that is her doppelganger, but either way, you know she is a human and you can hold her accountable to be your point of contact. The days of imagining the face on the other side of the phone are over.

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