S2 E12 Producing an Original Series to Build a Brand with Chris Savage

September 17, 2019

Meet Chris Savage

Chris Savage is Co-Founder and CEO of Wistia, as well as the host of the Wistia Original Series Brandwagon. 

Chris started Wistia in 2006 with his best friend Brendan Schwartz. The pair got involved in film-making at Brown and wanted to create a portfolio website for film-makers.

They eventually pivoted and Wistia is now a video sharing and analytics program that allows business owners to get insight on the performance of their video content.

Wistia also creates the great video series Brandwagon. 

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Know Your Brand Voice

"This doesn't feel Wistia to us." That was a watershed moment for Chris and the Wistia team. 

When the company needed to increase pricing like so many businesses need to do in growth mode, they knew they needed to communicate to their current customers. Even with transparency, the message missed the mark. Their own customers let them know that the voice just didn't feel natural and authentic.

The team adjusted the message, tested it again, and found success. Even a difficult discussion with customers can be done in your brand voice in order to communicate well. Knowing your brand voice helps endear your community to you.

It Takes Time and Effort to Build a Business

Wistia's journey began in 2006. For what's considered a startup by many, that's a long time. It's taken time, intention and hard work to grow. 

Chris shares some of the rough seas he and Brendan had to navigate through, some of the great days and many of the lessons learned. The biggest takeaways for us included:

  • Be intentional
  • Don't be afraid of failure
  • Listen to your customers
  • Love what you do

Creating an Original Series to Build Your Brand

Wistia has created original content to build a brand and community. One, Ten, One Hundred is a documentary series on the process to create three ads. One ad cost $1,000, one cost $10,000 and one cost $100,000. They wanted to see how each budget performed. During the meta project, the Wistia team documented it all, creating an original series they released, full of lessons and insight. 

Now Wistia has a second orignal series, called Brandwagon. This series is more talk show with a guest interview and other segments, showing off the personality if Wistia while bringing value to an audience. 

Chris says any brand can consider this route, and explains in the full conversation. 

Connect with Chris and Wistia

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