S2 EP11 Calling in Sick as the CEO or Owner

September 10, 2019

Time to Pull Back the Curtain on Impulse Creative

On this episode, Remington and Dan unpack the growth journey at Impulse Creative, and how Remington can actually call in sick! Yes entrepreneurs and owners and executives ... it CAN happen!

Sure, you're a critical component. But if you've navigated the growth journey well, you have a team that can handle it when you're gone. Especially when your health is at risk. Let's set a course for growth!

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It's Scary

Remington begins by unpacking why it's scary to have to walk away from your business. Even when you trust your team, it's a big deal to be able to let go of the reins and let the people you've hired for their skills actually exercise them! 

When a business owner or high level executive is burning their candle at "too many ends," it's time to implement self-care. While he usually bounces back pretty quickly, this time around Remington was down for the count. So this wasn't just a one-day reprieve from work. This was a few days, plus extra days where he was out of commission for extended periods of days. 

Getting to the point where as a leader you can rely on the team to keep moving forward, knowing your clients won't even miss you, is a proud but scary moment. 

Don't worry. Your team still needs you. 

One Step at a Time

When it comes to being a wayfinder CEO, Remington suggests taking it one step at a time. It's like if your business was your baby. You don't enroll her in a marathon. You teach her to walk first, with a few stumbles and well-timed catches.

"Just because your baby's walking doesn't mean you don't have hands on either side ready to catch." - Remington Begg

If you think your team is ready for a little time without you, maybe take an afternoon off. Or if you take a day, be available by phone if needed. Then work your way up to completely unplugging. 

From there, it's a matter of measuring your team's confidence and aptitude - again you've hired them for a reason, so let them soar - and increasing the time away and the level of disconnection.

Unplugging = Self Care

Whether it's a vacation or calling out sick, taking time away and truly unplugging is critical to not only a CEO's mental and physical health, but it's great for the team.

When your team can run the business without your hand in every decision, magical things happen like scaling up and wins beyond what you thought possible. It may feel like you know the answers, but being the last to talk in a meeting, and being able to empower your employees to make decisions, means you're leading well.  

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