S2 EP18 Sarah Bedrick of Compt - Remote Cultures and Individualized Perks

October 29, 2019

The Journey to Personalized Perks


Sarah Bedrick is cofounder and VP of marketing at Compt, an HR software that helps companies create perk stipends so employees can get the perks they want and need most. 

Prior to Compt, Sarah worked for HubSpot for more than six years. That's where she crossed paths with both Dan and Remington. Her most recent role was to lead the certifications program, leading the HubSpot Academy website strategy and co-PMed the Learning Center application they developed.

Sarah has seen startup to scale-up growth, true startup growth and the disruption of an industry. 

At Compt, Sarah and her co-founder Amy Spurling, businesses get help creating a 1-to-1 (as opposed to 1-to-many) experience with perks. 

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HR is Ripe for Disruption

When Sarah was with HubSpot early on, she saw the rise of the marketer and the power of the customer. The internet gave consumers the power to find what they want when they want it, while giving marketers access they hadn't previously enjoyed. She says the profession of human resources and employee retention is at a similar inflection point.

"Where companies have been screaming 'customer success,' a lot of companies are now saying 'Wait a minute! What about employee success?" - Sarah Bedrick

Businesses have operated in the space that perks mean things like 401k and break rooms with food. Sometimes the more innovative companies have given employees on-site gyms or free beer and bean bags. 

But today, as the landscape evolves and talent becomes more difficult to attract and retain, the leading-edge brands are using more personalized perks like stipends for health and wellness. Employees can use this for gym memberships of their own so they aren't working out with colleagues. They're using them for 5k or marathon training and race fees. Or they're using a stipend for massage therapy. It's personalized. 

Compt helps those businesses plan, implement and manage custom solutions for these modern team members. It's growth through custom, personalized perks.

Personal Growth Through Coaching

Sarah attributes much of her growth both professionally and personally to coaching. Her biggest shipwreck came when she was six years into her stellar career at one of the biggest up and coming SaaS companies, HubSpot. Many friends and family members kept telling her that she had it perfect - a great career, a good salary, great perks, a team she co-founded - but she was no longer feeling fulfilled.

Christine Hassler calls this an expectation hangover. Despite building a charmed life, Sarah felt like she was stuck. Through coaching and a lot of self-reflection, she realized that she needed a new challenge, and it was okay that she was ready to move on from this "perfect life" she'd built.

The growth she experienced, in her words, came through coaching. She's become a major proponent of personal and professional coaching, and says if you want to take a growth journey, that's the ticket.

"When you feel like you belong, you can do unimaginable things." - Sarah Bedrick

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