S2 EP19 Setting and Reaching Goals with Clients

November 05, 2019

Don't Let GOALS Become a Buzzword

From personal goals to revenue goals to SMART goals, the term "goals" is quickly becoming a buzzword. 

But don't let it lose its power. Goals can be critical to a brand's growth. 

A fan of Gino Wickman's Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Remington has taken the teachings and turned them into an Objective-Key-Results (OKR) system for Impulse Creative and out clients. 

By using clear communication, Remington says it helps cast the vision for the entire team.

"Your company or department can have a goal, but the individual people need objectives that will help accomplish that [goal]." - Remington Begg

 By slicing the goal into manageable pieces, growth can happen strategically and purposefully.

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Goals Help with Clear Communication and Feedback

Feedback and clear communication are critical in a healthy business. Whether that's with a partner like a marketing agency or between employees and management, it vital that communication happens. 

Setting goals— and setting them together— helps set up a business for successful communication. 

Then it's on the humans to create the feedback loop that takes that communication to a new level. 

And it's all centered on those goals. It's like a big happy cycle!

Avoid Paralysis: Make it Manageable

When the goals are too big to grasp, we're easily paralyzed by fear. It's also called paralysis by analysis. 

Or just procrastination.

Setting clear goals, then breaking them down into manageable key objectives can help.

It's the difference between, "OMG I need to bring in $1,000,000 in new business this year!" and looking at that huge number as $250,000 per quarter. If your average product size is $10,000 then that's 25 customers per quarter, about 8 per month, or basically 2 per week.

Take a 3-year plan and break down yearly goals. Then look at quarterly rocks you have to hit to make that happen. Once there, look at monthly goals, then weekly and even daily tasks. 

A marathon is finished one step at a time.


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