S2E13 What It's Like Being Married to an Entrepreneur

September 24, 2019

An Entrepreneurial Marriage

What's it like being married to an entrepreneur? You could ask either of the Impulse Creative co-founders this question. What started as "Rachel, what's it like being married to an entrepreneur?" turned into a lesson on what an entrepreneurial marriage looks like. 

On this episode, we "open the pantry and peek inside Impulse Creative" to dig into what it's like working and living together as a couple. 


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In a Good Relationship, We Sharpen Each Other

"I think we guide each other," Rachel offered. "I look at alternative routes to find the most efficient way from A to B. Remington is the creative."

For co-founders Rachel and Remington, they aren't exactly opposites. But they do come at the business from different perspectives. And they aren't afraid to challenge each other, sharpen one another and grow together. 

While it can be difficult to separate work and personal, the Beggs have worked intentionally to separate the two when needed, but also understand the work is life. Both sides are closely tied together and aligned well.

One tip from the conversation to consider if you're working with your significant other is to clearly define your roles. "We knew early on who was responsible for what," Remington said. 

Intentional Communication is Critical

As partners in business and family, Remington and Rachel work hard at intentional communication. They may not always get it right, but it's always on their minds. Whether it's how one spouse annoyed the other, or why a day isn't going well, being able to live the Impulse Creative core value of candor in a safe space has been critical to their success.

Plus, sometimes you have to simply make time for each other. "Sometimes we set meetings," Rachel said. "We make sure we can focus on what we need. But we also set that time so it doesn't run over. Maybe Remington has had a tough day, and I've been with our son and working all day and we're both frustrated. We can talk about it within boundaries without bringing all the negativity 'home.'"

Married to an Entrepreneur? Rachel's Advice: Patience

When asked to give her biggest piece of advice to anyone in a relationship with an entrepreneur it was this: Patience. 

"Have the understanding and patience that you are going to put in a lot of hours [as the spouse]. You're going to have to put up with your spouse or significant other putting in a lot of hours, even if you aren't. And sometimes it's hard to turn off your work." 

Remington added to Rachel's thought with the idea that it can sometimes look like, as the spouse, you're competing with the business. You're not. But if you're feeling that way, go back to the idea that open, honest communication is best. Set time for the discussion, live out candor, and work together. 

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