Take Control of Your Local Rankings with 3 On Site SEO Best Practices

April 15, 2018 Marketing Tips, SEO
Local search results got you low-key raging?

As a marketer, you get SEO. That’s the thing! That’s what’s got your foot tapping resentfully as you stare at a quick Google search for “best ice cream” in your area.

What you don’t get is why even though you made your client’s ice creamery an easily digestible website— with metaphorical whipped cream and a cherry on top— their good-for-nothing local rival, Suzie’s Creamery, is still TWO positions higher than your client’s on the search results.

Instead of pouting like a frozen fudgesicle with a stick up your butt (excuse this crudely accurate yet stone-cold illusion), it would be more helpful to reassess your greatest ranking asset— your website.

Your website— or is this case, your client’s site— is one thing you have full control over, and it should be your starting ground for making improvements to boost your local ranking.

Try these perfectly doable on-site SEO tips to increase your site's position on local searches.

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