Typography for Your Brand

Oh typography. How I love thee. The power of type cannot be overstated. A piece of text rendered in the right font choice has the ability to convince people to buy something or vote for somebody. Typography is literally everywhere. From the campaign signage still sitting in your neighbor’s yard 18 months after the last election cycle, to the lady’s monogrammed purse taking up a spot on the city bus.

Type has long been used to as a branding tool. Some of the earliest trademarks from brands like Stella Artois and Twinings Tea feature logos that use a piece of typography as their central design element. In fact, Twinings has used the same logo for over 227 years!

Typography can transcend time. From humble beginnings as merely a string of letters, type arranged in just the right way can evolve into something the evokes an emotional response in all who come across it.

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