Wayfinding Growth Season 3 Teaser

December 10, 2019
https://www.wayfindinggrowth.com Are you ready to navigate your growth journey with the best? Season 3 of Wayfinding Growth is coming… and we’re bringing you the best in the industry on “experience.”

You’ll hear from David Meerman Scott:

"As human beings, we're hard-wired to appreciate somebody who gives us a gift with no expectation of anything in return."

Michael Stelzner:

"I hear from people that say 'I came last year and now I brought 10 people from Germany! So no matter how big the room is, and some people listening right now may have something local in their city with like 10 or 15 people over breakfast, you can still accomplish the exact same effect. There's something very powerful about caring for people no matter how big the crowd is."

...and others on what they’re seeing in the world.

Plus go inside Impulse with us to explore what we’re seeing on the ground floor with our clients, our own experiences and more. Set your reminders… Season 3 kicks off January 7th!