WG Ep 0039: Charting a New Course with Dan Moyle

June 25, 2019

We're Charting a New Course on Wayfinding Growth! 

On Episode 39, the season finale of our first season, we bring former guest Dan Moyle back for an exciting announcement!

Dan joined the Impulse Creative team on April 1, 2019 (no joke!). He's already a podcaster, and has been a podcast guest more than three dozen times. 

On this episode, George and Remington reminisce about the start of Wayfinding Growth, the original vision, how it's gone, and what's next. 

What does that mean for season 2 and beyond?

Well, it means Dan will join Remington as co-host!

But What About George?!

Don't worry. George is sticking around Impulse Creative. He isn't going anywhere! George now gets to focus on Sprocket Talk, HubSpot trainings, serving our clients, and other projects. 

Dan joined the team and now he needs something to do! 

What You Can Expect on Wayfinding Growth

Sure there will be some changes to the show with a new co-host. But isn't that what Wayfinding is all about? Guiding your ship and making adjustments as you see fit? You can expect the same with the show. 

Our Mission: Wayfinding Growth is the go-to podcast to inspire Agency owners and leadership. “For better or worse, in richness and in want” may be for weddings, but it’s also for agencies. We will be your navigator in this journey, no matter your level.

Vision: Wayfinding Growth brings listeners examples of tenacious, creative, inspirational business owners who have been through it all - and still walk through it. Listeners can see themselves in the guests and their stories, inspiring a desire to “make it” despite all odds. Mix in just enough authentic storytelling from leadership at Impulse Creative, and listeners will see what it takes to create a successful business. 

So make sure you're subscribed to the show. Buckle up, we're in for an exciting journey!