What is a Business Gatekeeper? (B2B)

In this Sprocket Talk episode of What Is, we dive into the B2B world of gatekeepers. You can also have gatekeepers in the B2C world as well.

In this video, we talk about what a gatekeeper is, the role they play, and how to make them an advocate that loves you.

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So today's topic is Gatekeeper. Are we talking about Cedar Point’s rollercoaster The Gate Keeper? NO! Or the loss prevention company Gatekeeper Systems? NOPE!

So… What is it?

Let’s break down the gatekeeper definition.

He or she is a person who controls access to something - in a literal sense they might be a gate attendant like a security guard…

but in this context we’re talking about the person who controls your access to a person: the decision makers in a buying decision.

Most often this happens in a B-2-B situation. You don’t get access to the C-Suite without going through a Gatekeeper.

And research shows that you have to convince seven people to do business with you in the B-2-B world.

Seven. So it may not even be one gatekeeper… it may be multiple!

Why is it important for your company?

The gatekeeper is essentially a locked door standing between you and the person or people you need to speak with in order to close a deal.

If you don’t explain yourself in the right way, your message will never be delivered.

So you need to know who the gatekeepers are, what speaks to them and how to turn them into ambassadors for you.

How does the gatekeeper affect your marketing and sales and what can you do about it?

1 Understand the gatekeeper.

Maybe you can make this a buyer persona so you can understand their pain points and speak their language.

Understanding the gatekeeper will help you focus your marketing efforts on them first, then the ultimate decision maker.

In fact, you might even be able to empower the gatekeeper to bring their boss the idea and make them the hero.

2 Which brings me to point number two… Earn the gatekeeper’s trust.

Whether it’s the “Executive Assistant’s Guide to Corporate Travel” or the “Marketing Manager’s Checklist to Wow the CMO” … creating the right content to earn their trust is critical.

A second part to this point to consider is this: connect with them on social media like LinkedIn.

If business comes down to relationships, you want to cultivate one with the gatekeeper in a professional manner.

Now that you know what a gatekeeper is and why gatekeepers are important, make sure you are implementing it for your company’s success.