What is Marketing Automation & Why is it Important?

In this Sprocket Talk "What Is" video, we dive into the definition of marketing automation.

We also talk about why it is important to your company and sales and marketing teams.

I even share four ways that marketing automation will impact your business today!

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So today's topic is using automatic robots and Autobots to do your marketing… wait…

I just got word from my producer Dan that that isn’t correct.

Today’s topic is marketing AUTOMATION. Got it.

Okay.. so What is marketing automation?

Basically, marketing automation covers any software that has the goal of automating marketing actions.

Seems simple. Marketing departments everywhere want to automate repetitive tasks.

With marketing automation platforms, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text.

Why is it important for your company?

Automation in any capacity allows humans to be more efficient

When we can automate repetitive tasks, we get to put machines to work and free ourselves to do more.

In marketing, scheduling emails, setting workflows to handle messages, using artificial intelligence - or A-I - to get more done means we get to find better ways to market.

Marketing automation platforms allow your business to use humans better and make better marketing because we officially have time to think about and make great decisions.

How can you use it for your company?

In short, you can use marketing automation to increase efficiency, make better marketing and drive more revenue.

This is the part you stuck around for. Are you ready for the black belt marketing ninja tasty extras?

Here are three ways you can use marketing automation to impact your business.

1. Increase customer lifetime value - automate communications to stay top of mind with your customers, add personalization and do it all with fewer people - increasing the value while lowering the cost.

If that doesn’t increase C-L-T-V I don’t know what does!

That’s definitely better marketing and more revenue!

2. Increase efficiency by reducing admin costs – From automatically sending late-payment reminders to consulting clients who are late on paying an invoice, to automatically setting up reporting & project planning accounts when a client accepts a proposal, use automation software to reduce the amount of repetitive admin work.

And finally, number three... put marketing automation software to work for your brand and improve engagement.

Whether you’re upping open rates, getting a higher click-through-rate or simply getting prospects to reply and schedule a chat, marketing automation makes it easier to analyze your efforts and double down on what works.

Oh, wait… you thought I was done?

Well, guess what. Because you stayed this long, you get a bonus knowledge nugget.

Did you know that marketing automation can improve the relationship between sales and marketing?

It’s true!

Sales professionals are finding out how much more rewarding it is to work with warm qualified leads as opposed to cold calling from low quality purchased lists.

Also, they’re getting less pushback on pricing because the leads are of higher quality.

This means they’re getting better leads from marketing and closing them at higher rates in companies that use marketing automation services and platforms.

BOOM! Sales and marketing living in perfect harmony.

Now that you know what marketing automation is and why marketing automation is important, make sure you are implementing it for your company’s success.