What should a great social media content plan have

As a retired cheerleader, I often have this recurring nightmare where I’m fully put together in my cheer uniform: bow, sneakers, and drag makeup, about to compete in front of thousands of people. I’m standing in formation on stage, sweating my buns off because, in this dream, I never actually learned the routine. Suddenly, the music starts, everyone’s dancing, tumbling and stunting in sync, and there I am, looking as clueless as Gretchen Weiners during the Jingle Bell Rock dance after that last minute formation change. YIKES!

That same feeling happens in real life when you don’t have a social media content plan mapped out. Social media is like running at full speed. Your competitors are consistently posting compelling content, users are commenting and liking posts throughout all hours of the day, and you’re scrambling to find literally any piece of content to post just to keep up with the speed. Again...YIKES! Avoid a social media nightmare by understanding what a great social media content plan should include, using these amazing tips:

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